During these most recent and difficult time, doubt, fear, uncertainty, and hoplessness is prevelant in the language and actions of many people. And because like attracts like, the more of this you hear and see, the more it grows.

Garland Barnes found himself surrounded by a country in despair so he decided to become part of the solution, and not the problem. Or at minimum "one less person adding to the negativity".

Garland is well known and loved in his community. He is a leader and samaritan. The love he has for life and the people in it generated the motivation to inspire people through words. Over time, Garland has incited love, hope, and even happiness simply by emitting positivity and geniune care.

Like attracts like. Soon Garland found himself surrounded by people with hope. And now he wants to share his hope and love with the world. Remember, one person CAN make a difference; love does conquer all.

Share the Inspiration of Garland Barnes with the people in your life and watch the metamorphosis in their attitudes.